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The installation work was successfully completed and the geothermal system was put into operation at the Fotis Kosmas stadium in Alexandroupolis within the framework of the European SEADRION program and with the contracting authority the National Research and Technological Development Center (EKTA).
The purpose of the SEADRION European Program is to disseminate / disseminate the technology of using geothermal heat pumps using Sea Water Heat Pump (SWHP) to meet the thermal / cooling needs of buildings. The installation of pilot units (in Alexandroupolis, Dubrovnik and Krikvenica, Croatia), monitoring their performance and feasibility studies will allow the dissemination of this technology.

Summary goals of SEADRION
• build, test and monitor experimental performance in Greece and Croatia
• Feasibility studies for new facilities
• Implementation of guidelines for designers, engineers, etc.
• dissemination of information involving partners representing the various stakeholders
• preparation of policy recommendations for the successful implementation of SWHP technologies in the Adriatic-Ionian region

 Technical characteristics of the installation
• Geothermal heat pump thermal power: 96 Kw
• Type of earthmoving: Open type, with two boreholes (one pumping and one re-injection, 50m deep each)
• Pumped water temperature: 20C
• A telemetry and remote monitoring system was installed by collecting and recording data (temperatures, pressures, consumables, yields, etc.).

We are very proud to have implemented such a pilot project that will be a reference point for similar projects both in Greece and in other European countries.
Finally, we would like to thank the people of EKETA and the Municipality of Alexandroupolis for their excellent cooperation.

Passion for geothermia!