Our company was founded by Argyrios  Bairaklilis – Dipl. Electrical Engineer AUTH Geothermal Engineer – in 2005, when geothermal energy was still unknown in our country we always pioneered the first geothermal projects.

Our steady commitment to research, to developments, but most importantly to our passion for geothermal, has led us to the forefront of geothermal in our country.

In the effort to disseminate geothermal, we have authored dozens of articles in technical journals and contributions as lecturers in geothermal workshops and conferences, both in Greece and in Europe.

Our many years of experience, our know-how and our complete expertise in the field of geothermal energy, coupled with the high levels of construction we set every time, guarantee the perfect construction of any size geothermal project..

Our persistence in the quality of the services provided has led us to obtain an ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance Certificate in the highly specialized field of geothermal systems design and installation.

For us, research, development of innovative methods and pioneering are our central philosophy. We have studied and patented (co EL 1006448) the coaxial geoexchanger.


We have designed and manufactured dozens of geothermal projects throughout Greece of all sizes and uses. From residences, businesses, hotels, schools, swimming pools, gyms, public buildings, greenhouses to highly specialized ones (eg mushroom production rooms).

We also have proprietary equipment for conducting a Geothermal Thermal Response Test (TRT), which is the ultimate tool for any geothermal system designer and manufacturer.

The partnerships we have developed with Public and Private Entities dealing with geothermal energy both in Greece and abroad make us always remain ahead of technology.


Geothermal consultants

Preliminary design of geothermal plants

Implementation studies for Public and Private entities

Preparation of a dossier for the licensing of geothermal plants

Construction of Public and Private geothermal projects

Perform Geothermal Thermal Response Test ( TRT)

Maintenance of geothermal plants