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A few months ago, we completed and delivered a fully operational geothermal system in the Kilkis IP building that covers part of the building’s energy needs for heating and cooling.
The results of using geothermal energy in this short period of time were so immediate and tangible that the Kilkis IP Technical Sub-Division carried out a short study of the design and auctioning of a new geothermal system, so that the heating and cooling needs of the Kilkis IP building are fully covered by geothermal energy.
After the Public Electronic Competition we were awarded the Contractor of the project “Installation of open type geothermal system of building Kilkis PE”.
Our experience, our know-how and our complete expertise in the field of geothermal are the guarantee of the completeness of this project.
‘When the geothermal projects we have built are a guide and pilot for other similar applications, then this is the greatest reward for us.
Passion for geothermia!
Signing of a Contract with the Vice Regional Governor of Kilkis, Mr. Andreas Vergides.
As our earthly mother generously gives her warmth, so will the new year, 2020, bring health, joy and happiness to all!